Air Compressor

Air compressor range covers all categories from 1 HP to 15 HP. Two Stage reciprocating Air compressor, Air Cool, Strong construction. Professional designing, world class machining, Low noise, Low power consumption, Automatic start/Stop.
This air compressor extremely reliable and it has a brilliant design. The machine is capable of unique suction and the crankcase design allows that. It is perfect for industrial purposes and the cleaning is done by an advanced mechanism. The contaminants are removed from the air compressor and two separate stages are used for this purpose. Some industries demand the purest quality of air and this Reciprocating air compressor can be used to solve that problem..

14.5 CFM air compressor is extremely compact and handling it is not very tough. The body is in bright red color and it makes it very attractive. The compressor can be placed almost anywhere and the weight is moderate. The motor is extremely powerful and the RPM is 925. The machine is designed to take heavy load at critical conditions. 

Air compressor minimizes the resistance and the speed is moderate. A special coating has been done inside to stop the corrosion. Lubrication for some special parts is also available.

Benefits – Improved Design for complete system unloading, Low starting power.

Value Parts – Imported Heat treated stainless steel-Lesser carbon deposition.

Crank shaft – Well-balanced & heat treated Alloy Steel-Durable.

Connecting Rod – Special alloy material with deeper construction-Better Lubrication.

Fly Wheel – Balanced & Designed for maximum cooling.



Motor Capacity

1HP to 15HP

No. of cycle


Air receiver liter (Horizontal

100, 150, 200, 300, 500



Compressor (RPM)



Two Stage Air Compressor

Maximum Operation Pressure

175 PSI

Pressure kg/cm2g


Free Air Delivery (LPM)



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