Truck Wheel Balancer

It is a universal wheel balancing machine with wide range of features and a solid structure. This user friendly Heavy Vehicle balancer comes with a digital display and can balance both steel and alloy wheels for PCV, HCV and UCVs
Model : FWB-40.

  • Heavy Commercial Vehicle (HCV).
  • Medium Commercial Vehicle (MCV).
  • Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV).
  • Buses.
  • Passenger Vehicle(PV).
  • Tyre shop.

  • Fully automatic cycle with braking.
  • Electro pneumatic stationary brake, operated through control panel, to ease locking and unlocking  wheels on adapters as well as for counterweights.
  • Automatic input of wheel distance and rim diameter by simply pulling out the gauge, without pressing any button. Automated detection of alloy rims.
  • Possibility of showing simultaneously static and dynamic unbalance/
  • ALU-S function, for alloy rims or special shape rims.
  • SPLIT program to divide counterweights among spokes of alloy rims. Innovate CEMB software system which simply  the use without any need to input the number of spokes.
  • Optimization program to compensate the tyre unbalance with the rim unbalance.
  • Unbalance tolerance threshold (adjustable).
  • Self-diagnosis and Self-calibration.



Max Power Consumption

1.1 Kw

Balancing Speed


Balancing Accuracy


Cycle time for wheel

8-20 Sec

Diameter Setting Range

10” To 30”

Max Wheel Diameter


Max Wheel Weight


Max Air Pressure


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