Wall Mounted Nitrogen Tyre Inflator

Nitrogen tyre inflator is the most widely used tyre inflator across India. It produces up to 97% pure Nitrogen at a rate of 3500 litres per hour. Equipped to inflate two tyres at a time with a pressure range of 0 to 120 bar, this product is designed to suit the user’s needs and improve tyre life.

Model – FN-20

  • Vehicles Applicable
  • Motorcycles
  • Medium Trucks
  • Trucks

  • Large backlit 1” Dual LCD Displays.
  • Soft touch membrane keypad.
  • Automatic tyre Detection.
  • Automatic filling speed adjustment using intelligent software ensures fast inflation.
  • Safe with self diagnostics and always confirms a high setpoint to avoid wrong setpoint entry.
  • Range upto 150 psi. makes it suitable for all vehicles including light trucks.
  • Wall Mounted Machine Without Storage Tank
  • Auto/Manual Mode Selectable.
  • PSI/BAR Unit Selectable.
  • Display Mode : Fixed LCD Digital Display
  • Vehicle Applicable  - Motorcycles, Cars, Vans, Mini-Buses And Light Trucks.

Benefits Of Nitrogen – 

  • Nitrogen gas does not expand due to heat, therefore, in summer or at high speed, the tyre does not expand or dust due to increase in temperature.
  • The Nitrogen gas does not contract due to low temperature. Thus the tyre rubber does not contract. Therefore the life of tyre rubber increase.
  • Also the braking of tyre is improved and the tyre does not skid or make noise on turns.
  • Nitrogen gas avoids oxidation of the rubber being a dry gas. Thus avoids rusting of the steel rim also.
  • Due to stable nature of the nitrogen gas, it does not exert any internal pressure. Therefore, in case of puncture, the nitrogen gas escapes very slowly from the tyre thus giving more time to drive a punctured tyre.
  • Usage of nitrogen gas increase the tyre life by 20-25% &   fuel saving by 6-10%.



Power Supply

AC220V 50Hz


25 W

Nitrogen Purity


Operating Temp


Input Air Pressure

8-10 kg/cm

Nitrogen Output

2000-4000 L/Hr



Output Nitrogen Pressure

4-7 kg/cm


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