Paint Booth 6 Meter

Paint booth has been a mandatory equipment in bodysshop. They are used to ensure dust free operation during the painting process so that the quality of the painting is improved. It has a paint baking facility for proper drying of painted area. This helps in getting factory finish paint quality. It prevents the operator from inhaling the hazardous paint fumes.
Paint booth is designed to cater to all painting requirements for both water and solvent borne paints. Our paint booth distinguishes itself for high performance , low power consumption , high reliability and ease of operation. We have different configurations of paint booth to accommodate most of the Indian CARS/SUV/MPV/LCV . The configurations are as follows.

Cabin System - Puff Panel 30mm Thickness.
Basement - Two Grid with Civil Basement, Civil Work at your scope.
Air Purification System - Dual Filtering Structure, The Primary Filter Can Capture Granules Larger than 10 µm. Ceiling Filter Capture Granules Bigger than 5µm. The floor filter is fiberglass filter. The Whole Purification System Has Capacity of Large Volume of Dust.
Exhaust Blower - Capacity - 18000m³/h; Power – 7.5 HP– 1No
Air Volume - 18000m³/h; Air Speed: 0.30m/s.
Lighting Systems - Ceiling Light: 24 pcs 36w Philips Lamp:800Lux
Panel Box - Spray, Light Switch, Emergency Stop, Breakdown Alarm.

Utility Requirement:

Electrical Power - 3PH, AC Supply with 415V, 50 Hz, 4 wire system.

Model – 6 meter

  • Suitable for all types of painting applications.
  • Baking/drying of paints.
  • All parts can be painted inside the paint booth.

  • Maintains an adequate velocity of clean air at the operator’s breathing level.
  • Discharges the solids outside the coating area in such a way that they will not cause either nuisance or hazard.
  • No frequent maintenance, reduced volume of solids to be handled, low clean-out cost, reliability, low initial investment price and reduced space requirement.
  • The Booth is suitable for both the Conventional & Electrostatic Guns.



Booth Overall Dimension (L*W*H)

6100*5100*3200 (mm)

Booth Working Dimension (L*W*H)

6000*3900*2440 (mm)

Door Size (W*H)

3000*2600 (mm )


 Automotive paint booth without outlet fan

Motor Make

Crompton Greaves / Bharath Bijili

Exhaust Blower

1 No – 7.5 HP/ 960RPM / 3 Phase / 440 V

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